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Resources - How to Find Balance in Your Life

Balancing your daily activities with enough time to rest is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. To feel better and avoid relapse (and the hospital), find balance in your life - the right amount of activity and the right amount of rest.

Having balance in your life involves maintaining your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. All three can affect your illness and the way you feel overall.

You may want to choose one or two of the following items to focus on as you work toward balancing your life.

Your Physical Health

  • Keep your activities and rest schedule balanced
  • Keep taking your medicine every day
  • Remember to visit your doctor regularly for check-ups
  • Eat a proper diet
  • Stay away from alcohol and street drugs
Your Emotional Health
  • Be patient with yourself
  • Express your feelings to other people calmly, and try to be a good listener
  • Express yourself through art, music, poetry, or dance
  • Enjoy your friendships, and be a good friend yourself
Your Spiritual Health
  • Keep a positive outlook
  • Get beyond setbacks, and focus on the future
  • Find comfort in the traditions of your culture and/or religion
  • Keep your values and faith - they can help you through the most difficult of times


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Resources - How to Find Balance in Your Life

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